Coating Removal Diamond Cup Wheel

Coating Removal Diamond Cup Wheel

With the help of PCD or other speical diamond, it can remove and grinding off the painting, epoxy and other chemical material.

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Split PCD cup wheel for coating removingl

The Split PCD Cup Wheel segments are embedded with PCD “fragmented” pieces. This allows the segments to expose a constant sharp PCD edge for effective coating removal without leaving the aggressive profile left by traditional PCD segments.


Size Segment number Grit
5" 3pcs / 6pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7" 3pcs / 6pcs / 9pcs #25/30/40/80/120

Turbo cup wheel for coating removingl

The 6 Segment Cup Wheel has been designed with large beefy segments to enable aggressive removal of coatings and surface preparation. The large spacing between the segments provide for quick evacuation of debris and dust. The 6 seg cup wheel is available in 30/40 grit in order to provide flexibility over a wide range of surfaces without sacrificing tool life.


Size Description Grit
4" Concrete grinding & Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120
5" Concrete grinding & Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120
7" Concrete grinding & Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120

Arrow cup wheel for coating removing

The Arrow Cup Wheel is designed for aggressive grinding. The placement and orientation of the segments are designed for high stock removal while providing maximum tool life.


Size Segment number Grit
4" 5cs


5" 6pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7" 10pcs


Rhomboids cup wheel for coating removing

The Rhomboid Cup Wheel is designed to remove thin mill floor coatings such as epoxy, glue, mastic and paint on SOFT or ABRASIVE concrete. The diamond bond matrix has been engineered with a unique proprietary blend of diamonds and other materials to provide a superior tool while maintaining long tool life.


Size Segment number Grit
4" 3pcs / 6pcs / 12pcs #25/30/40/80/120
5" 3pcs / 6pcs / 12pcs / 18pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7" 3pcs / 6pcs / 12pcs / 18pcs / 24pcs #25/30/40/80/120

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