Professional Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Professional Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Application: suitable for angle grinders, commonly used for grinding and levelling of stone, concrete, ceramics and brick walls.
Features: reduced resistance, reduced noise, sharp and durable, smooth grinding, dry grinding without burning the piece.

Product Advantage:

1.Exquisite grinding: high hardness raw material, high grinding strength, fast and smooth.

2.Fast heat dissipation: heat dissipation slot design protects the blade and increases product life.

3.Sturdy and durable: thickened design, while guaranteeing work efficiency, the product is more sturdy and durable.

4.Fine workmanship: many years of experience in production, skilled technology, meticulous and exquisite work.

5.High quality substrate: the back of the substrate is flat and the small holes are surrounded by a lathe machined plane, which can ensure that the teeth of the grinding wheel are perpendicular to the axis of the machine.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Double row cup wheel

Double row cup wheels are an excellent and economical way to grind a variety of hard materials such as concrete,stone and masonry.


4″ Concrete grinding &Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120
5″ Concrete grinding &Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120
7″ Concrete grinding &Coating removal #25/30/40/80/120

Turbo cup wheel

Tornado segments for removing paint, thin Epoxy coatings and thin coatings of crystallized glue and mastic.


Size Segment number Grit
5" 9pcs / 18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
6" 9pcs / 18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
7" 9pcs / 18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
10" 9pcs / 18pcs #30/40/80/120/150

Fan segment cup wheel

Fan segment cup wheel is suitable for Hilti DG150 Grinder. With special design, it has a good long life due to more diamond surface area.


Size Segment number Grit
5" 5pcs / 7pcs #25/30/40/80/120
6" 5pcs / 7pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7" 8pcs / 12pcs #25/30/40/80/120

Shallow dish cup wheell

Shallow disc cup wheels are mostly used for grinding and removal of Glue/Paint/Resin.


Size Segment number Grit
5" 3pcs / 6pcs / 9pcs #25/30/40/80/120
6" 3pcs / 6pcs / 9pcs #25/30/40/80/120
7" 3pcs / 6pcs / 9pcs #25/30/40/80/120
10" 3pcs / 6pcs / 9pcs #25/30/40/80/120

Tornado segmented diamond cup wheel

Tornado segment for removing paint, thin Epoxy coatings and thin coatings of crystallingzed glue and mastic.


5″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
6″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
7″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150
10″ 9pcs/18pcs #30/40/80/120/150

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