T.C.T saw blade for grooving

T.C.T saw blade for grooving

For the sharpen of wood and bottom scoring


* Elongated arc teeth, greater efficiency.
* Compatible with 22mm opening angle grinder.
* Saw teeth are not exposed, which is much safer, more suitable for beginners.
* Easy to install and use, capable of removing redundant materials.
* Apply for woodworking, wood carving, root carving, tea tray and coffee table polishing, etc.
* The trident-ate arc design provides a smooth and controllable grinding and polishing action to maximize the grinding property.

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T.C.T saw blade for grooving

- When using a 6-tooth saw blade, it can move in any direction and complete various cutting requirements. It is more mobile.

- 6-tooth tungsten carbide ensures safe drive operation and creates optimum allowable radial impedance at high speeds.

- The saw blade will not heat even in continuous operation. The disc body is made of high carbon steel and has a thickness of 2.2 mm.

- Cutting particleboard, plywood, laminate, drywall, plastic. Engraving, shaping, trimming and grinding.

- The shape of the teeth ensures that the sample is smooth and the cut is smooth and tidy.

- The saw blade has a small number of teeth and can smoothly remove debris, and the saw blade will not be heated.

Therefore, the saw blade has a long service life.

- 6 teeth means the blade is more round and should help prevent backlash - severe recoil that can cause accidents and damage

- Drive wooden material grinder for Speed wood - Unique bit saw blade designed for high efficiency (up to 12 200 rpm) angle grinder (LBM)

- This saw blade is designed for angle grinders. The special design and all three teeth are working safely and conveniently. Because even untrained people are easy to handle.

Designed for cutting wood, MDF (hardboard) and particleboard, laminate flooring, plasterboard, parquet (hardwood), plastic and PVC, plywood.


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  • Size (mm) Teeth Bore.D (mm)
    115 3T 22.23
    125 3T/6T 22.23